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Free Drinks  – As long as you are gambling, you can get free drinks

Obtaining complimentary beverages and alcoholic drinks in casinos is all about gambling. Either you give the impression that you are gambling or you actually play the slots. Once you have taken a seat at a slot machine, the cocktail waitress only needs the impression that you are gambling (and 21 or older) before she takes your free drink order. Cocktail waitresses are constantly walking through the maze of slot machines in all major casinos, looking to take drink orders. Place your order and she will return with the drink of your choice. If you give a tip (usually $1 or $2 per per drink) they’ll come back again and again to take your order. Free drinks are also provided at table games. Although this is technically free, you really are expected to be actively gambling and leave tips. The decision to play or skirt around the rules lies entirely in your hands.

Free Casino Lounges – no cover charge and no drink minimums

Most casinos have lounges to keep patrons entertained. Many of these lounges have no cover charge allowing guests free to sit, relax and enjoy. Just walk in, find a comfortable seat and take pleasure in the music. The lounges offer a variety of musical styles with either live bands or DJs. Usually the lounges are right inside or adjacent to the casino, so if you want, you can enjoy the music while gambling if you sit close enough. Since these lounges serve alcohol, all guests must be 21+ years of age.

Free Casino Gaming Lessons – Most casinos offer free lessons

Many casinos offer free lessons for some of the table games in the casino. Why would the casinos want to teach you to play for free? So you’ll gamble more, of course. These lessons are good for beginners or for more experienced players who want to brush up on the rules. Depending on the casino, they may offer live instruction in blackjack, craps, roulette, pai gow, pai gow poker, mini-baccarat and poker. Not only do the lessons teach you the rules of the game, but they also tell you about the etiquette and jargon that is associated with each game. Taking a lesson can give you the confidence you need to play a game and enjoy yourself without worrying that you are doing something wrong.

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